Sod Types

Saint Augustine Sod

Saint Augustine (especially the Palmetto variety) is the most shade tolerant of warm-season grasses & is also the most popular choice in our area. The sod has an attractive green color and highest color retention during our cooler months. It spreads by above ground stolons, commonly known as “runners,” and forms a dense layer to choke out weeds & provide a durable lawn for your property. 450 sq ft per pallet. Available in ½ pallets & individual pieces (16 x 24 inches).

Centipede Sod

Centipede is a low-maintenance option for your lawn. It spreads by stolons and has a softer texture with short upright stems. The thinner stems & shorter growth height of this sod allow for better conservation of water. It survives decently in mildly cool temperatures but with light freezes it turns brown and recovers in the spring. Centipede is moderately shade tolerant, but grows best with lots of sunlight. 500 sq ft per pallet. Available as full pallets only.

Bermuda Sod – Tifway 419

Bermuda (Tifway419) combines toughness with beauty. Its dense, rapidly spreading growth habit means quick recovery from injury, making it one of the most durable hybrid Bermuda varieties. Tifway419 tolerates close mowing and is highly disease resistant and drought tolerant as well. For best results, install this type of sod only in an area that receives a lot of sunlight all day long and isn’t heavily shaded by trees or structures. 500 sq ft per pallet. Available as full pallets only.

Zoysia Grass

Zoysia (pronounced Zoy-sha or Zoy-see-ah) is a lush, carpet-like lawn option. Once established and properly cared for, Zoysia is very drought tolerant and can stand up well to heavy foot traffic. This grass has a fine, soft texture and is chinch bug resistant. Its natural chemical resistance makes for easier weed control. Zoysia requires less maintenance and mowing than other types of sod such as Bermuda and St. Augustine. 450 sq ft per pallet. Available as full pallets only.