Grade “A” Mulch

Crushed Pine (2 cu ft)


Mulch Information

1. Mulch Is More Than Decorative!

Mulch retains moisture, prevents weeds, provides nutrients, controls erosion and insulates the soil, protecting plants from extreme temperature variations.

2. Too Much Mulch Is Harmful!

Mulch should be applied no more than 2 inches thick to provide a 1 – 1.5 inch blanket after settling . Building a volcano around a tree is an example of excessive mulching and it will cause more harm than good. It should never be placed against the bark of your woody plants, such as bushes and trees, it could cause disease.

3. All Mulch Is Not The Same!

There are many mulch producers across the country and around the world. Each sources its own raw materials and implements its own production methods. Due to these factors, you will find an enormous selection of mulches across the country. The most common types in the United States are hardwood bark, cypress, pine and cedar. Cypress mulches break down slowly, therefore, they are great for decorative use, holding moisture, controlling erosion and retarding weed growth.