Sand and Soils

Delta Sod not only offers you the best sod for your lawns and turfs, but also high quality sand and soils you would need to prepare and maintain. Some the soils we store are:

Garden Soil (1.5 yard per bag)

Sod, New Orleans Garden Soil

Pea Gravel (0.75 yard per bag

Turf, New Orleans, Mix

Pumped River Sand (1 yard per bag)

Turf, New Orleans, Pumped River Sand

Turf Mix (1 yard per bag)

Sod, New Orleans, Pea Gravel

Other Soils

  • Compost Mix (1.5 yard per bag) – Used as an additive to existing flower gardens.
  • Vegetable Garden Soil (1.5 yard per bag) – Used for vegetable gardens rather than flower gardens.