Bermuda Sod – Tifway 419

At Delta Sod, we store some of the best Bermuda Sod. The Tifway 419 Bermuda variety is known for its fine texture and beautiful dark green color, making it a good choice for fairways and golf courses.

Bermuda grass is quite commonly used for golf courses and sports fields across the southern portions of the United States. It tolerates a range of climates in the US, from hot and humid in the Gulf Coast to arid in the southwest and lower Midwest. Established Bermuda grass is a network of shoots, rhizomes, stolons, and crown tissue together that usually form a dense plant canopy. This dense plant canopy can be used to propagate clonal varieties by sod, sprigs, or plugs. Although one of its noted weaknesses is shade tolerance, it is otherwise aggressive and resilient in nature.

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